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blood pressure dropped but pulse rose
I had really high BP when I went to my physician two months ago. She put me on Benicar and it dropped down nicely from 161/93 to 118/73. I was elated for that but my pulse has jumped from 75 bpm to 94. So the results seem a [[span class="st"]]hotchpotch and I want to know if I should try obtaining another medication instead?

I have had the same result from HBP medications. The doctor said there wasn't a problem with a faster pulse, but my pulse only went up to 85 so I can't say for sure in your case.

You may need a beta blocker with your Benicar to make sure both pulse and blood pressure are correct. It would be safest to tell your doctor about your high pulse rate. You don't want to change one risk for another! :)

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