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does exercise help with GERD symptoms?
A whole lot of reading keeps pointing towards diseases being helped by regular exercise. I used to exercise a little bit before I developed GERD. I haven't been because I didn't feel well at all, but I am willing to try to see if it works. Does anyone find that exercise helps?

I have found that exercise does work well for me. I walk 3 miles every day or every other day. I try not to push myself to the point of upsetting my stomach but I get good exercise. I will sweat and can feel the burn in my legs many times. I also do any stretches that don't require bending over Smile Mild exercise helps my digestion work more effectively. Its not a cure, but it works better than nothing in my mind.

Tai Chi and Yoga can work well in my experience. I have done yoga in the past and switched to Tai Chi. Both have slow motion movements so the stomach is not shaken about. It might be in my mind but I think my stomach is better for it. In any case, I think the key is finding exercises that work for you. Different people will have success with differen exercises. Just be careful of anything that jars or compresses the stomach for obvious reasons!

Glad it works for some people. I don't really exercise at all besides some regular walking. If I do any more up comes the acid. Sometimes I get chest pains from the burning. If you are gonna exercise, just be prepared for any discomfort that might occur.

Regular walking seems to help my heartburn, but sometimes vigorous exercise can precipitate reflux. I think exercise helps by burning off calories and keeping my weight under control. It also helps to prevent abdominal bloating. I have read that some doctors advise taking medication like ranitidine before vigorous exercise, if exercise leads to heartburn and acid reflux. I am also much better if I stick to a GERD diet, which can be a struggle at times. I walk several miles most days and also run 2-3 times a week.
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In fact, if you have GERD, heavy exercise can make it worse. Since GERD is associated with a weak sphincter between the stomach and esophagus, extra strain, can make it weaker and worsen the symptoms. You can try non-straining exercises that you can discuss with a physical trainer. If you like, check out the link to my site in my profile.
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