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dairy and reflux
hello I have been taking Nexium for two months for GERD. I was feeling better until two days ago. We went to some friends and for dessert I had sponge cake with berries and cream. I didn't think about it and dug right in. For these last two days I am back to feeling miserable. I wam wondering if the cream caused this or if I am lactose intolerant? Any ideas?

Cream is basically fat and dairy so both could be affecting you. Fats sit in the stomach longer and work up the acid. Old folks often have indigestion from fatty foods. Also lactose intolerance could be throwing your stomach off and causing reflux. I would start recording your foods to get a better idea of what your triggers are. It might help avoid these problems in the future.

Dairy is a no-no for many people with GERD. You will probably want to learn to live without it. Sorry to break it to you Sad

thanks for the answers. i am not a big dairy consumer so this shouldn't be a problem for me. its just good to know.

I have heard that dairy does increase acid production, but you could also be suffering from lactose intolerance. I would try taking something such as Lactaid to see if it helps. Its great and doesn't produce undesirable side effects when used with Nexium, but still ask your pharmacist or doctor to make sure they know whats going on and what you are taking.

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