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fighting throat acidity
Hi everyone. I have had GERD for years without any problems. Recently it is worse. I am having a sore throat and problems swallowing. My doctor told me that my throat and my vocal cords are irritated and swollen. I am taking the medications but I am wondering if there are other things to take that can reduce the acidity?

I don't know if it has any science behind it but almond milk works very well for me. I just discovered this recently. It has few calories so I just sip it slowly while I am doing something else. I have looked on the net to see if it is alkaline (the opposite of acidic), but so far all I have found is a lot of the new age folks talking about the acidic/alkaline diet. I think that stuff is rather fluffy. Anyway, if you try it, let me know whether it works for you.

Don't forget ginger. The Chinese have been using it for thousands of years. It has been treated as a cure all, but for the stomach it definitely works. Studies have found that it fights nausea.

How do you take the ginger? Do you just cook with it or do you have to suck on the root. The taste is so strong.

Some people crush it when needed and take a spoonful each day. Others use powders. You would have to see what works for you.

In the summer I eat watermelon and cucumbers all the time. Neither have a lot of calories and both reduce stomach acid in my experience.

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