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waking up with high blood pressure
my blood pressure is higher in the morning than when I go to bed. it is too high when I wake up but fine in the evening. i take my medications just after supper. can someone please suggest what to do

I had to work with my doc to find the best meds. Some just don't work all the time. There are lots out there. Just tell them the ones you got aren't working. You may have to try a few times, but if it gets the BP more even that it better.

Do you have a spouse? If you do, they may have noticed you stop breathing for a while sometimes at night? If you have, you might want to ask your doctor about sleep apnea. Many times, it doesn't get diagnosed easily unless people tell their doc about it.

my father had sleep apnea. is it inherited? he used a breathing machine until he died. how does the doctor tell if you have it?

Many hospitals can perform a sleep study to monitor your breathing and observe what is happening. You just stay the night at the hospital or clinic and they can tell if your breathing is stopping.

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