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onions and foul gas
I am just wondering about onions and gas with IBS. I needed a bit of flavor in my diet. The world of bland foods sometimes really gets to me and I need some flavor. I decided to add some cooked onions to dinner last night but the results were devastating!

I was producing odors from hell itself by bedtime. I voluntarily moved myself to the couch to sleep to avoid choking my wife with the fumes. Wondering if others have problems with onions?

For me onions are a no go. They produce gas that I don't pass and I end up horribly bloated. I have been in such serious pain from them that I go nowhere near them anymore. If it was only the foul odor, I would have them as a Friday treat and hide myself for the next day!!!

I don't have a problem passing the gas at all. But they certainly are nasty. I am not sure I will be allowed to have them with the smells I am creating.

I too love onions for flavor but they are bad. Taking Zantec reduces the smell but I do keep the fans running. Smile

I eat a lot of onions and I have never noticed this problem. I do not think onions would cause bloating either, are you sure the culprit for your bloating is not another food you are eating?
If you cook the onions with the rest of the meal - say in a casserole or curry - the effects should be reduced. Or try using leeks or garlic instead. It may be worth keeping a food diary for a week or two, as it could be another food that's causing the gas. If it really is the onions, experiment with herbs for added flavour.

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