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travel vaccinations with RA
i haven't travelled anywhere exotic since my RA diagnosis almost a decade ago but now I would like to. my partner and i were reading a travel guide and it said where we are going we need a yellow fever injection. but, the problem is that with RA my immune system is compromised and may not handle the yellow fever vaccine. i read that the vaccine is live. so i am wondering what other people have done? did you get the vaccine or get a travel exception? do all countries take the exceptions? how do you find out? what are the risks?
A travel clinic should be able to identify the specific entry rules for each country for you. As for getting the vaccine, I think it depends on the relative risk depending on where you are going and what you are doing. If you going to stay in nice hotels and take guided tours, your risk is much less than if you are camping or hopping from place to place on your own. The risks depend mostly on the trip you are taking.

When my husband and I went to Africa, I did not get the yellow fever vaccine, but that was just for our trip. The travel clinic gave me a card with the excemption signed by the doctor at the clinic.
Thanks for the travel clinic tip. we never thought about that. Are these clinics really expensive?
I am not going to give you a useful answer unfortunately because expensive depends on the person. To be specific though, our shots and appointment at the clinic cost us about 500 dollars for me and my hubby. I don't know how much prices vary.
You need to judge the risk of contracting the disease. These vaccines are very expensive and not needed in many cases, a lot of it is scaremongering. I traveled through Asia with no vaccines and no travel exception, I had no problems whatsoever.

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