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new osteo problem, knee buckling
I have osteo in my left leg and it is generally quite painful. I have had it getting worse year by year for 12 years. But, yesterday was awful. Out of nowhere it started buckling and came with a very sharp pain. The first time I fell into the wall and bruised my shoulder. Another time I pulled my wrist. After that I was very careful when I moved. I was so afraid to fall on the stairs that I slept on the couch on the main floor. Today it happened once when I moved from the couch to the computer room. I don't think I will be going to work tomorrow.

Has anyone else had this problem? What is this all about?

I am familiar with what your feeling. This happened to my father before his double knee replacement surgery. His joints were so worn out and he would get really bad sudden pains and have the knees give out. He was in a walker for 4 months before the surgery. He almost never left the house. If my osteo goes the same way, it will be something that I will have to look forward to.

I don't know what causes it, but I do know how alarming it is.

Here's hoping you can get a bit more mobile and stay on your feet!

Are you in line for knee replacement surgery? If you are not, you really need to talk to your family doctor or rheumatologist. If you have had osteoarthritis for a dozen years, your knees could be completely worn. You certainly do not want to injure yourself badly if this continues so surgery should be discussed.

I can barely walk from my osteo problems. I am so sorry you have this pain. It is awful. I have been falling down too. It is awful and depressing. Its very scary. I always fall when the pain happens.

I have been talking to my doctors. I might be ready for surgery. I will be happy without so much pain. Not positive thoughh. Too many things didn't work. If you get surgery please tell me.
Thank you for help. I think a rheumatologist' visit and a new knee can't come soon enough.
It sounds as if your knee has just about lost all the cartilage, and you should probably have an MRI or an x-ray, to find out what the extent of the damage is, to the knee. I fell down a stair and put off having my knees replaced, for as long as I could. I had both knees replaced at the same time. Walking fine at the moment. Good luck.
I am very sorry to hear the problem. To answer your question, this is a very common problem for people. The []writing guard[] website has published a research on the issue recently. It suggests similar problems for people with osteo.

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