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preventative medications for tension headaches?
Was told I have tension headaches after a few weeks of suffering through pressure in my head a few times per week and some onging back pain from pulling my back. Have been having tension headaches for 3 months upt till no. Have been taking Tylenol, Flexeril, Firocet, etc to dull the pain, but was wondering if there are any meds to prevent the pain tension headaches in the first place? I am tired of waking with a headache and having it all day.

Hi there!!!

There are drugs for prevention for headaches. Topamax is one but they it takes a few months to be helpful. Also there is Amytriptaline and Nortryptaline. You have to be patient to see if they work. If you have pain so long, you need a talk to a neurologist. They can find the best medications for you by working with you.

Have you been back to the doctor since your first diagnosis? Your doctor might send you for tests since the headaches have lasted so long. When I had my first migraines, they wanted to make sure so I went for MRIs and such. I had nothing wrong other than the migraines.

No, have only been back once. He didn't seem so interested in helping. Just the usual take two of these and call me in morning.

The doctor might be more interested if the problem is lasting so long. If not, try another doctor. There is no point suffering instead of finding another doctor.

Um, yeah, please see another doctor. Having this kind of pain for 3 months is not normal and you shouldn't have to be taking that much medication to just dull the pain. Your doctor may have figured you would be in pain for the first little while, but at this point, it's been months and it's really worth checking back into to see if you can find a longer term solution.

And as for medication recommendations otherwise, I've had some luck with Excedrin Tension Headache tablets. They're similar to some of the other Excedrin varieties, so you might want to check out the whole line.
When I have headaches of any kind, I blow air into my brain, by blowing gently, like a blowfish several times. Do this at least three times, blowing several times, to force air into your brain. It does work for me to stop the headaches. Try it, sometimes the brain just needs more oxygen. Feel better.
I have had great success with Aleve, but I think for this type of pain that his been ongoing for 3 months you should definitely see a doctor/neurologist to rule out a serious cause.

I hope you feel better soon Smile
I need to start taking something that helps me. I have never tried Aleve, that would be a start. I agree though, if you have had ongoing headaches that long you need to go get checked out.

Feel better soon! Smile
I have had and still do get tension headaches. Generally they aren't debilitating, but I have had several that lasted for days. I had one that lasted over a week, and finally gave in and went to the doctor. Mine seem to be stress related. God knows I have plenty of that in my life. I don't like to take medication, side affects freak me out. Generally the way i deal with them is by taking a hot bath, listening to soft music and drinking hot tea. I know with my tensions headaches the best fix is to bring down my stress level.

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