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trouble exercising due to fast pulse

I was diagnosed with hypertension a year ago now. I tried a number of medications but none of them worked for me. Even the beta blockers weren't very helpful. I am now taking both amlodopine and beta blockers and it is working, but my heart rate is at 107 beats per minute when I am resting. The doctor says that it is high but fine.

The problem now is exercising. Having a high rate means I can't use the target heart rate for exercising. I am not sure what to do? Has anyone else got an exercise program that works with this?

Have you told your doctor that you are exercising? I would because if he knows you are going to be exercising, he could give you a treadmill test to see what sort of heart rate would be safe for you. If your heart is beating fast, it often means not enough blood is flowing and you have constriction somewhere. If you were to push yourself too hard that could be hard on the heart.

I really wanted to get started on the exercise before I lost the motivation. I am not really keen on doing it so was psyching myself to do it. Ah well, to the doctor it is...

You probably do want to visit a doctor to find out how to exercise safely. I had high pulse rate on one medication too when I started losing weight and trying to have better health. I didn't exercise at all until I switched medications because my pulse would go nuts with just a tiny amount of exercise.
Your doctor probably told you to do some exercise at some point so
something mild should be safe in the mean time. Things like walking are
still helpful even if your heart isn't pumping to beat the band.

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