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Do Toxins Interrupt the Natural Process of Fertility?
When considering pregnancy, there are many factors to include. Finance, relationship health, career paths and so forth are all looked at. Very few people, however,consider the toxic burden of both the mother and father when planning a pregnancy.

Infertility is becoming more frequent and it has been suggested that over 10% of the world's population needs assistance to conceive with the aid of I.V.F. In the UK alone, over 4 million births are attributed to I.V.F. treatment and in 2008 over30,000 couples had treatment. This does not include the tourists that visit other countries like the Czech Republic to buy I.V.F. treatments- these numbers are undocumented.

So, why is that such a natural process should be causing us so many difficulties? It is because the toxins and chemicals that we are subjected to mimic the bodies hormonal procedures and interfere with finely-tuned mechanisms that result in fertilisation.

Toxins decrease sperm levels, and they poison the eggs and sperm. They prevent the body from maintaining itself so that conception can take place. They contribute to increased rates of miscarriage.

Once pregnancy has occurred, any toxins that the mother has been accumulating over her life time are highly likely to pass across the placenta, and be absorbed by the foetus. This has been linked to many behavioural disorders and immune deficiencies like asthma, allergies and cancers.

When a mother is breast feeding, the toxins that have been sequestered into the fat stores in the breast are then mobilised and fed to the baby. With a very immature metabolism, the new-born cannot synthesise the toxins, and thus they can damage the new-born at a vulnerable time.

We are faced with growing numbers of infertility, miscarriages, birth defects, behavioural disorders and illnesses at unprecedented rates. A natural function of life is to be able to reproduce, and yet so many of us are struggling to do so.

How can we alleviate some of the issues to do with fertility and healthy reproduction? More and more people are becoming aware of the link between toxins and infertility or issues around being able to conceive. It seems that if the body is able to rid itself of the toxins, the hormonal systems can be restored and fertility becomes easier, although it is never guaranteed.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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Very well written and informative. I hadn't thought of toxins in relation to infertility issues. Most doctors simply state that hormones and stress are to blame. I wonder what kind of detox methods would work best to increase the odds of conception?
Excellent article. I never considered toxins in causing infetility but I am well aware of the problems caused by the build up of toxins in the body. Unfortunately, we live very toxic lives, we are constantly poisoning our bodies with toxic food, alcohol and pollution etc.

Great Article!! Toxins are a little known and understood enemy - especially when it comes to fertility. A lot of people with unexplained fertility problems can drastically increase their chances of conceiving if they make a few minor changes to their lifestyle - reduce alcohol intake, eat healthier foods and exercise more. Pollution is another problem but not as easily avoided as the things already mentioned.
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