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stopped taking blood pressure pills a while ago now wanna start again
hello, i moved for a job from one town to another about 9 months ago. my bp drug prescription ran out a while ago so i am not taking the pill anymore. this is probably not good so i am wondering if i should buy some pills on the internet and start taking them again? is it safe to just start taking the pills?

Its probably not a great a idea to buy pills on the internet unless you know the source. In any case, if the online pharmacy is respectable they will probably want a prescription anyway so its a good idea to get an updated prescription. You might be able to get a refill from your existing doctor. You could use this while you search for a new doctor where you live now.

Because you have been off the pill(s) for a while the doctor might want to have you checked out. Can you not visit a clinic and tell them you don't have a doctor in town?

my job benefits dont pay for the clinic visits and the doctor isnt taking new patients here. is it safe if i start taking the pills again if i can get them?

I can't say whether it would be safe. Doctors usually want to see you when they renew the prescription so they can check whether the medications are working. Maybe you have to make trip to the other town to visit your old doctor? You would have to check if your employer would pay for the visit with the old doctor.

What pills were you taking?
Is there any way you can get your blood pressure checked to see what you're dealing with? Some pharmacies offer this service, either free or for a nominal cost. I'd certainly be careful about buying pills online - if you mess about with your blood pressure, you can make yourself seriously ill.

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