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more headaches at that time of the month
For 3 years I have been having stress headaches on and off. I don't handle stress very well so it always results in headaches. I usually have to take a muscle relaxant once I get them because they last a long time. To find out the cause, my doctor suggested I keep a journal of when I get headaches. I did and I thought I found a pattern with my period, but my doctor doesn't think so.

I am wondering if any other women out there have observed this? Or am I looking to hard?

Hello there, I think that is quite possible. I don't get tension headaches, but occasional migraines and my doctor put me on the once monthly birth control Nuvaring. Now my hormone levels are very constant and it has reduced my frequency of migraines considerably. I have been on it for 2 years.

You can tell your doctor you found someone else who benefited from it. If you don't think it will help, just go to a different doctor and try to get on the Nuvaring telling the doctor you just need better birth control. :)

Thanks for answering and giving some evidence. I hope it will help in convincing my doctor. I don't feel like going to other doctors to get a prescription. I am not good at lying!!

Good luck!
I tend to get more headaches at that time of the month...That's great advice by tinkerbelle! I find that my headaches are from my stress and that time of the month rolled in to one...not a good mix. Good Luck!

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