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High heart rate during exercise with HBP
I am 56 and my doctor just told me that my BMI has just passed 30 making me morbidly obese so I decided its about time to do something. I have a new granddaughter who I would like to see grow up.

So I purchased an elliptical machine to try to shed some pounds. I am happy because I can burn 500 calories in a session. But my heart rate is getting as high as 160 beats per minute. I don't think that is good. One time everything in my vision went white for a few seconds.

I think the whole problem is tied to the beta blockers I am taking. If I understood the doctor right, the beta blockers can do this.

So, I am wondering if anyone knows what sort of heart rate is healthy?

First off, if you are morbidly obese, you should be exercising under doctor supervision, you don't want an MI in your quest for weight loss. Your doctor can tell you what exercise rate is reasonable for you based on a health assessment. Good work in trying to get yourself in better health in any case.

Good job with the exercise! I am glad you have a motivation to shed the weight. I agree that you should talk to the doctor. But, I looked up in my exercise pamphlets from the gym. The chart says that for someone 55, your target cardio heart rate should be 83 to 140 bpm. It says that 165 is the max so you were pushing yourself pretty hard!!

My fitness coach told me to start with a lower heart rate in the range and build up to the top of the range over 6 months.

Take care of yourself!

Appreciate the replies. Thanks

Your exercise regime is too much. Try to do exercises that is not hard on your heart. Consulting a specialist would be great for this one. My mother was given an advice to do swimming but it is not always applicable.

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