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differing blood pressure measurements by position

I am sort of confused measuring my blood pressure. If I measure it while laying in bed I get 132/94. If I am sitting up I get 153/116. Is this difference expected? Which position should I be measuring in?



You can expect different blood pressure ratings when in different positions. That is normal as your heart works more or less hard depending on position. The bad part though is that your BP is high at above 140/90. You may know this already, but I just wanted to make sure.

Yes, thank you. I am measuring cause I was recently told by my doc that I have high blood pressure. Nobody told me what position was best for measuring the blood pressure. Thanks for clearing it up.


I just found out that my blood pressure is higher than normal
at around 134/90. because of kidney problems.

I'm trying some natural things and will post with the results
I understand that garlic is good to eat if trying to lower your blood pressure. I measure my pressure while standing up. Hope that does not distort it. I have lost some weight as well, trying to change a few things about my health.

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