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No Longer Able to Work

I have had RA since my late 20s and have tried numerous medications with very few of them seeming to work very well. I work as a cashier in a card shop as it is relatively easy on the hands, but I am finding that many of the activities involved in the job are starting to cause me pain. I am looking for opinions from other people on whether I should quit my job or look for something else. I really don't know what other types of work I could do and I am feeling quite depressed over being forced out of work.
sounds like you are really struggling right now with your RA :( I totally get what you're saying. I work as an RN and my job is quite physically demanding, so whenever I have a flare (despite the bunch of medications I take) the desire of quitting my job is overwhelming. What works for me is to make sure I take my breaks all the time and to always ask for help to my colleges.

At the beggining I was feeling quite shy to be asking for help often, but I have found that people can be more understanding than I though. I would suggest that you talk to your boss about your RA, he or she may be able to accomodate some conditions at work to make certain tasks easier to accomplish. You may also want to try to use some assistive devices like a wrist splint for example, in the case you're having some wrist pain. Not sure what type of activities you're struggling the most with, but i would recommend you to ask for help first, before taking a more radical decision.
All I can say is don't quit your job. If you think you are depressed from being forced out of your job, imagine how you will feel with no job and still in pain. Just try to change your job.
I can relate believe me. I spent years as a file clerk, a library clerk and a records clerk, now because of my physical limitations I couldn't do these type of jobs any longer. Am I telling you to quit your job, no maybe you should consider talking to your manager about the pain you are in. If you are a great employee and they don't want to lose you, maybe they will figure out ways of helping you to continue doing your job.
I would certainly see if your manager can make things easier on you, rather than just trying to soldier on bravely. You have a chronic condition, and your employer has a duty of care to you, so if aspects of the job are causing you pain, he needs to try and find ways to make your working environment more comfortable within reason.

If even light duties are causing you a lot of pain, maybe you need to look at other options - maybe reduced working hours would help. I don't think looking for a new job or quitting is the answer, as it will just add to your stress and increase your depression.
Don't quit your job. There are many who worry because they don't have a job. If you feel really stressed out, then try changing your job.

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