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Need to sleep badly
For two or three months, I have been having serious problems sleeping. I can't fall asleep at night and my mind keeps thinking and thinking without shutting off. Pretty soon, it is 4:30 in the morning and I haven't even slept. If I do get to sleep, anything seems to wake me up. I live in an older house that creaks sometimes and a single pop or creak will wake me up and have me laying there.

I am now feeling physically sick from lack of sleep. I get colds all the time and I feel depressed sometimes. I am totally frustrated and don't know what i have to do to get back to normal. Any help would be really appreciated.
You are creating your own problems by staying in bed in thinking. You need to go to bed relaxed.
Sorry, this is not helpful. I am not stressed. I simply can't sleep at night and so i start thinking. I really don't have any worries.
It is likely true that you are creating your own problem, but the last poster didn't explain anything. Often, when we can't sleep, we will lay there thinking but that only serves to energize the brain. If you can't sleep after half an hour, get up and read something really boring. Don't watch tv because that can stimulate you too. There is really nothing worse than trying to sleep. You work yourself up worrying about how bad you will feel the next day.

If you can, try to relax before bed. If you are busy right up until bed time, your brain will stay active when you don't need it to be. You can also try light exercise in the early evening. If you do that regularly, it can help you sleep.

I share your pain because I have insomnia from medications and it really is a hard problem to overcome.
I would suggest going to your doctor. If you are depressed, it could be part of the problem why you can't sleep and relaxation may not help much. I don't mean to imply your depression is the source of the problem. You might simply be suffering negative feedback that prevents the insomnia and depression from going away. As for exercise and relaxation, keep in mind that neither is a cure-all. They just increase your chances of sleeping well.

Your doctor might also provide sleeping pills. These can be helpful if they allow you to break your poor sleep cycle. However, taking these can make you feel very groggy sometimes. If you don't overcome your insomnia, you will risk your doctor cutting off your prescription to avoid you getting addicted to the pills. All of these pills seem to have addictive effects. THis means you can't use them for long.

The sleepign pills worked for me, but my doctor cut me off without early warning so I went back to poor sleep. It took a few years for me to mostly control my insomnia. I still get it sometimes.

Wishing you Dreams
Thanks everyone. I am going to try a few suggestions for a while and see how it works. The hardest thing will be not watching TV before bed!!!
Let us know how things turn out.
I can relate to what is said. I to am having trouble sleeping. I can never seem to get to sleep at a decent hour, and staying asleep is impossible. I toss all night and none of my normal relaxation methods seem to be helping. Sleep has not been a good friend of mine in months. I don't like taking medicine so I try to just deal with it.
You sound like you suffer from the same issue that my husband has. He tries to go to sleep and doesn't fall asleep until 2 or 3 in the morning when he has to be up at 430 am. He tries to do everything to wind down for the night, but nothing seems to help. He is definitely a thinker and just can't turn off his thoughts. At this point, he has resorted to sleep aid pills that don't always work!
Try reading a book before bed instead of tv for the first few nights. My mom swears reading a book before she goes to bed helps her fall asleep. She said it clears her mind. Almost makes her feel as if she is living in the story instead of her daily life stresses.

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