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Foul Smelling Gas

I have been suffering from foul smelling gas and general stomach upset for a month now. I think it started with a stomach bug. I had diarrhea and vomiting, but that went away fast. The gas problem hasn't and it is so embarassing. My boyfriend was making jokes about it like all boys do, but he stopped when he saw how bad I was feeling and how long it was lasting.

It is awful and I feel like I have to go to the toilet when I don't have to. I have internal gas noises too that are way too loud. Did anyone else have IBS start this way? I just want to see if maybe I have IBS now.
My gas and bloating started a few months ago. I finally went to a doctor who referred me to a specialist. I was told I have IBS. It was really depressiing. They have me on a few drugs now and its a bit better. It started kind of like yours did too, but not with a stomach bug.

I am not an expert, but it is probably worth while visiting the doctor to see if you do. IBS is kinda a catch all for these gut problems, but with a month of problems I suggest a doctor's visit.
Thanks for answering. I am worried that it might be IBS. ​I have read some about it, but don't have enough to tell. I didn't want to go to the doctor again but this thing is lasting way too long.
It does sound like you might have IBS, judging by your symptoms. What foods do you eat every day? I believe IBS is caused by diet and worsened by stress. Our digestive system have not adapted to many of the foods we eat today - foods like grains and cow's milk, cutting these foods out would be a good idea.

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