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Ongoing Headache Pain
I am at my wit's end with chronic headaches I have had for over two month's and just looking for anyone who has the same. Before you respond, know that I don't have:

- allergies
- anything detected by blood tests
- nasal or sinus infection
- stress

My doctor has tested and checked me for allergies, infections, abnormal blood levels, etc. He has me on Tylenol now, but I don't want to be taking these all the time. Hoping someone can help.
Have you had your ears checked? I don't mean for wax. My friend's wife has Eustacian tubes (sp) that are abnormally narrow and this gives her headaches when the air pressure changes. Just a thought.
That is a tough one. I get headaches from all sorts of foods, but I am guessing blood tests would have detectd that.
Its not food allergies or food sensitivity. My doctor checked me for that. I looked up what those tubes are in the ear and I'll get that checked.
I went to my doctor and mentioned the tubes. He said that more than likely I would have had headaches forever if my ears were misshaped inside Any other ideas would be appreciated.
Not sure if you resolved your headaches. Have you considered spinal misalignment. You could go to a chiropracter.
I am very vary of chiropracters. They seem too much like "New Age Healers" to me. I already have a headache and I don't need by back or neck giving me problems as well. Thanks for the suggestion though.
Fair enough. I don't believe in their ideas about spinal alignment being the cause of disease or using chiropractic medicine to cure illness. What I am saying is that your headaches could be from a pulled muscle or a posture problem. Anyway, just trying to help.
Sorry, I didn't mean to come across too negatively. Thanks for the suggestion. Smile I'll talk to my doctor.
My doctor referred me not to a chiropractor, but to a physiotherapist. When I went, she looked at me and said my head was twisted a bit to the side and my neck wasn't straight. She gave me some exercises to do to strengthen my neck. We'll see how that works.

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