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looking for employment options
I have been a mechanic since I left school a long time ago. I was lucky I didn't have to change jobs much cause I had RA since my late 20s and I got benefits. It has been hard on the hands but I do it well so I kept at it. Now I have been layed off so I am looking for ideas on what I can do next. I want something with benefits that is easier on the hands.

Thanks, Ed
I was going to say that you could start a business of your own where you managed people, but the benefits would be nil. Have you thought about trying to be a manager at a garage. It would mean you spend less time hands on. Don't know if that is up your alley. Don't know if it would be possible depending on where you live.
Have you thought about becoming a mechanic teacher at a community college or high school? The salary might not be great, but I suspect the benefits would be decent. You would need to get some form of teaching certificate but you should be able to do that in a relatively short time period.

Another option is to shift your work into heating and cooling systems. I just had the annual maintenance on the air conditioner done and they don't seem to be doing to bad given the fees that they charge. From an uninformed person's view, work might be similar enough to bridge your experience. The work doesn't seem that hard on the hands compared to what I think about being a mechanic. Of course, I have done neither so I am just guessing :)

Best of Luck
Thanks for answering. I appreciate it. Some interesting ideas here.

I applied for some some garages but so far they dont want nobody from outside and there are no positions. I am gonna keep trying tho.

I'll have to talk to some folks about heating and cooling. I could do that. I just have to figure if I need a certificate or something.

Thanks folks,


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