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migraines happening more often
Hello All,

I have had migraines several times a month for many years now. They have only affected my work a little and I have been able to make up for the time lost or use sick days. I don't get colds or the flu very often so I can afford to use the days.

The problem is that in the last month I have had the attacks come on several times per week and this has me scared. I don't know why the change happened. Has anyone else experienced changes in how often they get the attack? I know I gotta see a doctor, but I don't have one where I live. I am very rural.

Thanks all
When you say that you have an attack, what exactly do you mean? Is it the feeling before you get a migraine or are you facing other symptoms?

Of course I don't have the background to know, but are you under more stress lately, missing sleep or otherwise sick. For my neuralgia, stress increases the frequency. I am not talking about stress from a job or relationships, just working too hard, getting too little sleep or poor quality sleep and all of a sudden I will find myself suffering from neuralgia in the back of my neck. Sadly, I usually find out too late and have to slow down and take medications to make the neuralgia go away.
When I said attacks I mean what happens before I get a migraine when I don't feel well. Funnily enough, my dog will start acting strange before I even notice. But I know I have to go lay down as I am going to be out of commission for some hours.

I don't think I have been under any extra stress. I haven't been sick neither. I always get my beauty sleep. I don't know what neuralgia is. Is that pain or stiffness? Is that a type of headache? I can't think of nothing that caused it. It just comes on more now. Got me scared.

Neuralgia is mostly just nerve pain more than anything, but its not directly a migraine.

As for your increase in the frequency of migraines, if there is nothing that you can identify from stress, diet, exercise, lack of sleep, etc., it is probably a good idea to make an effort to see your doctor. With aneurysms and the other risks linked to migraines, you don't want to risk a stroke or worse by putting of the trip. Sorry I could not help.
I used to get migraines once or twice a month. Whenever I felt a migraine coming on I knew I was doomed for the next 48 to 72 hours. About a year ago my doctor prescribed Trazadone to help me sleep. A few months later I noticed I wasn't getting migraines as often and when I did they were milder and didn't last as long. I later stumbled onto research that said Trazadone has been found to help prevent migraine headaches. I am here to say it works!

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