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Getting better control of pain
I am a long time sufferer of chronic nerve pain in my feet and I have been taking medications for much of the time that I have experienced pain. The medications have never really worked completely and to avoid addiction, my doctors have switched the medications routinely giving me varied levels of residual pain.

Since it is unlikely that I will ever be completely free of the pain, I am looking at what others are doing to control their pain including herbs, exercises, meditation etc. Thanks in advance.
I am not much of a herb user or a meditator, but I have found that the stretching involved in yoga is good for getting the endorphins going in order to reduce pain levels. I don't know about your case, but the extra blood flow may also be good for the system. I don't know about Tai Chi, but since it is not strenuous it might be good especially if the meditation mindset is something you are seeking.

I am by no means an expert in pain management, but have you considered the capsicum (sp)? Its the stuff in hot peppers that gives it heat. My understanding is that a lot of people with chronic pain get treatments every so often to reduce their pain. Sorry if this is old news.

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