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Basal cell carcinoma
Does anyone have experience of the treatment photo-dynamic therapy because mine didn't work? Am now self medicating with aldera cream. Also I was told, by letter, that I have bowen's disease and should use the cream for this, can't see where to put it!! I googled it, my GP had never heard of it, it is pre squamos cell cancer. Private dermatologists have turned out to be unreliable. Anyone know a good dermatologist in Berkshire, Hampshire or Wiltshire.

My father had a form of stationary precancerous skin condition on his face likely caused by exposure to the elements over many years, but I am not sure if it was Bowen's. However, he did use the same sort of cream like Aldara intended to get the body to cause an immune reaction. I remember my father telling me that the pharmacist commented that the cream was very rarely requested. The next time I chat with him, I will find out if he knows the name of the precancerous condition that he had.

As for good information on the subject, I found the following links:

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