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A Fruitful Remedy for Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain?
It seems another food, a fruit called the mangosteen, might be a valuable addition to the diets of those with Rheumatoid Arthritis because of its potential as an anti-inflammatory. The mangosteen is a small, tangerine-sized deep purple fruit from Southeast Asia that has recently been made more commonly available within Canada and the US.

The very thick skin of the fruit surrounds white segments shaped like those of an orange and the fruit is very tasty in its own right. The fruit contains biologically beneficial chemicals called flavinoids and xanthones with the xanthones being in very high concentration within the skin and seeds of the fruit.

Most people are familiar with antioxidants and the many claims of benefits that these compounds provide. The xanthoness, it seems, are very powerful antioxidants and this could be another benefit of the fruit in addition to its providing anti-inflammatory effects.

However, at this point, insufficient modern research has been conducted to conclusively state whether the mangosteen does actually reduce inflammation despite the numerous claims of those selling juices and capsules derived from the fruit. The Mayo clinic itself states that these claims are currently undocumented.

That being said, when you are suffering from debilitating pain and some relief might come in the form of juice or supplements, it might be worth trying with consultation from your rheumatologist.

If anyone has tried the capsules or juice from the mangosteen in their diet, it would be great to hear about whether or not any benefit was perceived and what products you tried.
Does anyone know if the mangosteen is available in th uk?
Lots of stuff came up on a google search. Here are some sites where you can buy it:



Just cut and paste replacing the '_' with '.'
I've never even heard of mangosteen before reading this thread. There are many foods with natural anti-inflammatory properties and many foods which cause inflammation. Cutting out the inflammation causing foods and eating plenty of anti-infllammatory foods is essential for managing RA.
I have heard of this, but I have no idea if it is really effective. Most of the claims that I saw online were from someone that was selling the juice, or some kind of an extract, so I was reading it, but taking the article with the proverbial grain of salt.
There are a lot of fruits that are anti-inflammatory, so I think that this would definitely be worth trying to see if it helps .
I have found pineapple to be very helpful in dealing with joint pain from my arthritis, and it is readily obtainable at the grocery store, and easy to use.
I have heard about this fruit but I have ever tasted it. I have read the benefits of this fruit in the []essays term papers[]. This is really a good remedy for rheumatoid pain.

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