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I am diagnosed with sciatic pain.
I am diagnosed with sciatic pain. The pain is very intense and I have to depend on pain killers to overcome this pain. I consulted a physiotherapist, but the treatment never really gave any relief from the pain. The doctor asked me to undergo a surgery. But, he told me that there is only 50% chance for the treatment to become successful. The doctor asked me to have cortisone injections before undergoing the surgery.<div style=""]]The cortisone injections were very painful and I had to take a week or so off from work to recover from that pain. I consulted a doctor again and he told me that I have got S1 sciatic pain. He prescribed me some painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets and referred me for physiotherapy.<div style=""]]I don't want to go through the same ordeal as before. So, I started searching about sciatic pain on the internet. I came across an article which []says that medical marijuana cannabis from [][]Alberta[] is very effective in treating sciatica. I am hearing about such a treatment for the first time. Is there anybody over here who has tried this treatment before? How was your experience? Please explain.

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