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Neck pain after a car accident
​Last week, my boyfriend and I were returning after a birthday party. Both of us were drunk. I was not able to drive, and I asked him to drive. He was also drunk, but I thought that he was better than me. We didn't wear a seat-belt. Our home was only a few miles away.<div style=""]]When there were only a few minutes left to reach our home, our car was hit by another car. <div style=""]]It was a minor accident, but we had a whiplash because we didn't wear a seatbelt. A compromise was made with the other driver and we went home. From the next day, we had severe neck pain. I think that it is due to the whiplash. I managed to keep the pain under control by using pain relief ointments and cream. But, my bf says that he has still got the pain.<div style=""]]He is unable to carry out the day-to-day activities and also had to take off from work because of this pain. I am planning to take[] physiotherapy from a clinic in North Brampton.[]<div style=""]]Could there be any serious injuries? What might be the possible treatments of this neck pain? Is there anybody over here who has undergone a similar situation? If so, please share some genuine replies and suggestions.

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