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Will massage therapy helps in reducing the shoulder pain?
Hey, I am working for an IT company. As you all know, in an IT company it necessary to sit 8-9 hour a day at a computer causing shoulders to become pulled forward and rounded, upper and lower back muscles to become overstretched and weak. It is what really happening to upper half of my body. I tried different types of exercises that can help me out in reducing the pain. But nothing helped me. I told about my shoulder pain to my colleague. She told that she is also suffering from the same. She added that her friend suggested undergoing []massage therapy from a clinic in Yonge and Wellesley[]. She told that deep massage therapy will be best one to reduce the pain and discomfort. But I don't know much about the deep tissue massage. Will it really work? How frequently should I undergo this therapy? Is it same as a massage therapy? Please help me out by responding to these questions.

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