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Need advice for my problem!!!
Hi, I am a bank employee. I am fed up with my job, full of tensions and stress. Sometimes, I think about leaving this job. But, it is impossible to take such a cut and dried decision. Recently, I am facing too much work pressure, always thinking about this. I lost interest in everything. I have a lot of friends, but I can't make any contact with them. Now, they are also avoiding me. I can't concentrate on my work. So that I am making silly mistakes in the work. My manager warned me about this. Last day, I made a mistake while doing the transaction. The manager shouted at me for this and he ordered me to pay the lost amount. Then, I paid it. I am really worried about my situation. If this continues, I can't no longer work over there. I am suffering from sleeplessness also. This is affecting my physical health. Yesterday, I contacted one of my friends. Initially, she was not interested in talking with me. Then, I shared my problems with her. After hearing my problems, she advised me to take a break from this job and suggested to me to consult []a registered clinical psychologist in Toronto[]. She heard about their motivational interviewing and told me to try this treatment for my problem. I am planning to take an appointment there. But before taking the appointment, I would like to know more about this treatment. How long it will take to complete this treatment? Will this treatment work in my case? Please help me with your replies.
First of all, I think cbt is the best option for you. I don't know the details like, how long wil itl take, how much will it take etc.

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