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Seeking advice for friend
My 83 yr old best friend has osteoarthritis pretty bad. I'm particularly looking for things I can buy her that may ease her pain, especially in her hands. I've already gott en her an electric heating "muff" for her hands/arms, a heated mattress pad, various topical creams for arthritis pain, electric jar/can opener etc. Today I brought over a grabber tool but her hands are almost too painful to squeeze the trigger on the handle. I can't do anything for her pain but I was hoping maybe some one could tell me what they've tried that helps them. I was thinking of possibly Imak compression gloves that are advertised to ease pain but I would have no idea of the size needed. I'm sure there are many useful products...I just don't know about them.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and considered. Thanks. Rabbit

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