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Cataract at early age?
My husband is 35yo. He is facing a low vision problem for the past 2 months .He has a clouded /blurred vision.
Last day he told he started seeing halos at night.
When I referred certain blogs written by ophthalmologists, I came to know that he has the symptoms of cataract.But I have heard that cataract comes during old age only. Can this happen at such young age?
[[div]][[bgcolor=rgb(245, 246, 245)]] A[[/bgcolor]][[bgcolor=rgb(245, 246, 245)]]s one of my friends told a laser cataract surgery would help, [[/bgcolor]]I have fixed an appointment with Clearview vision I[[bgcolor=rgb(245, 246, 245)]]nstitue[[/bgcolor]],Toronto( )for the same.But before that ,please let me know whether anything else could be done for him. Is this any kind of abnormal? Pls share your inputs!

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