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What might be the cause of poor eyesight?
I have type 2 diabetes and I'm facing some problem with my eye vision. Does overweight cause vision problem? I have been trying really hard to reduce my weight by dieting and regular workout but I'm not happy with the result. My GP has also asked me to reduce my weight to avoid further complications in future. One of my friends []suggested me to undergo men's weight loss program[] from Harvey Brooker in Toronto. Can the vision problem be corrected by losing weight? Or is it because of my diabetes? I'm worried about being blind. Any bits of advice are highly appreciated!!

My dad has diabetes (type 2) and his eyesight did get worse, but he also had age against him and hereditary factors. You should look into other factors and tell your doctor.

I'm not sure if being overweight affects eyesight, but it's always a good idea to try and lose some weight if only to help balance the sugar levels in your body.

I would recommend a diet with smaller portions first and see how that works, and then to do exercise that is more fun like a hike or to take the dog out (or offer to walk one) for a long walk as it seems less like exercise.

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