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Urinary incontinence after a stroke
Hi all,
Does chiropractic care have an effect on urinary incontinence? Do such treatments are good for elderly people? Recently I read an article on bladder problem and chiropractic care ( ) which is shared by my friend on Facebook. It says that most of the bladder problems in women can be treated with chiropractic care. Is it so? Is it applicable for Urinary incontinence? My mother who is 65 years old is suffering from this problem after a stroke and it is creating some problems in her life. Since I'm a working woman, I'm not able to take care her all the time. Now, I'm planning to get treatment for her with the help of an expert in the nearby chiropractic clinic. But before that, I need to get some feedbacks regarding this treatment method. Kindly share your thoughts and experiences.

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