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Will melasma fade away after giving birth?
Hi. Good news everyone. I'm 2 months pregnant!! Recently I noticed some brown patches on my face especially near cheeks, nose and forehead. Could it be melasma? I have heard that hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause such issues. I had a clear skin and this patches are worrying me. Will melasma fade away after giving birth? Is there any recommended cosmetic products? I am using a sunscreen of SPF 70 but I don't find it very effective. I get tanned very easily. My []friend suggested a dermatology procedure in Toronto[] but I'm not sure how far the treatment is effective. I'm considering this procedure only after my delivery, so that it will not harm my baby. But it would be great if the patches fade away all by itself. How long should I wait for it to fade away? Please share your experience if you had any.

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