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Diabetes and hair loss
I am loosing my hair due to diabetes. I think this is a common problem for diabetics. The top of my head is where it is getting thin. It has got to the point where I have found large amount of hair coming out each time I comb or wash my hair. This is so upsetting and frustrating. I am seeing a specialist at Seager medical group, []which is one of a hair restoration clinic in Canada[]. I hope he can offer up some solution for my trouble. Please share if anyone else is facing the same problem.
Yeah. It is common to have hair loss in this condition.
<div style="float: left; width: 100%;"]]Jessepeter, don`t worry. Loosing hair for diabetics is a common and usually thing. Moreover, this is not because of the wrong choice of shampoo. My aunt had the same problem, after brushing on the brush remained half of her hair, and what was on the carpets in the bathroom after washing was a disaster. She went to the endocrinologist, and he advised her change insulin and buy new one at this site [][] , because here all the products are certified and high qualitative. She decided not to risk her hair anymore and listened to him. A month later this problem was solved. My aunt can`t rejoice:)

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