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Type 1 and hair loss
[[span id="docs-internal-guid-79b5f6a2-813c-d8a4-e428-cf51f77992ea"]]<span id="docs-internal-guid-79b5f6a2-8141-95f0-61c5-0218a891366a"]][[span style="font-size:14.666666666666666px;font-family:Arial;color:#000000;background-color:transparent;font-weight:400;font-style:normal;font-variant:normal;text-decoration:none;vertical-align:baseline;white-space:pre-wrap;"]]I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two months before. My hair was thick back then, but now everytime I comb my hair, I find lot of hair in it. Has anyone else experienced hair loss due to their diabetes? Will there be any other reason for losing hair? My hair has got really bad where I lost it on the top and little on the sides. Should I seek the[] help of any hair transplant clinic at Canada[] like the CHTC? I have no idea what is causing this and which way to go. Any words of hope would be helpful.</span>
My hairs are falling very fast these days but I had never went for this test. Thanks for letting me know about this, I think I must go for this test too.

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