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A true story of my migraine miracle.
There is currently no generic for Relpax. Here is my story. My system is messed up with fibro and rheumatism and ulcerative colitis. The only migraine medication that doesn't cause me horrible side effects is Relpax. It's pricey, so I had to go through a trial period again with my current provider, but it is worth all the hassle. I have no side effects with it, and it is effective 100% of the time for me. Perspective on these statements= my migraines are so severe that they become increasingly incapacitating for at least three days, at which point I would end up in the hospital, incoherent. So when I tell you that this is my miracle drug, you can depend on it being the truth! I hope this helps someone else out there. Sincerely, Lydia.
Thank you for sharing your story. I've honestly never tried Relpax myself although I've tried a lot of different other medications. I'd have to say that you have a different reason for your migraine as well, compared to mine. My migraines are mostly from my eyes and from stress. I don't know if this type of medication would fit me.

I'm quite happy that it worked for you though since not a lot of people responds well to medication. And since you shared your experience, maybe it can help other people too suffering from the same conditions as yours.

My husband's mother suffers from the same migraine as yours. She even got hospitalised once. So I'll recommend her these medications although she needs clearance from her physician first. She is just like you, she cannot be productive once the migraines kick in. She has some medications although they don't help much with her attacks.

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