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Is hearing loss hereditary?
I am very concern about my hearing. I honestly have not had any issues so far but know that my mom who is in her eighties might be having some hearing issues. Is hearing loss hereditary? I have done just a little research and I find the information confusing.

Also close to home is my mother-in-law who's presently wearing a hearing aid. Is my husband likely to develop hearing problems? Perhaps it's time for me to research this subject more thoroughly. I am happy to hear from any of you who might have some experience or knowledge in this area.
There are two kinds of hearing loss:

1. Non-Syndromic which means that it's inherited and 70% of hearing losses are due to this condition.

2. Syndromic which means that the hearing loss is associated with other clinical conditions, this accounts for 30% of hearing losses.

Genetic factors can actually make a person more susceptible to hearing loss. Age related hearing losses are actually 35% to 55% due to genetic causes.

So yes, if it runs in your family, there's a chance that you might get it as well. Of course, environmental factors also has a great influence and effect to this as well.
Not all the hearing loss are hereditary, but the sensorineural hearing loss is. I have researched about it as my mom is having hearing loss. My elder sister []has the same issue so we consulted an audiology in Calgary[] and he said it is hereditary but cannot be corrected medically or surgically.

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