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Can you grow out of OCD?
From elementary school through high school, I had a lot of irrational superstitions and rituals that I had to do, such as:
* Making sure both shoes faced the same direction when I wasn't wearing them.
* If I started tapping one foot, I had to make sure to tap the other an equal number of times so they would be even.
* If I saw a digital clock that had the same number multiple times, I had to tap that number out with my finger on any available surface, multiplied by the number of times it appeared.
I also had a lot of perfectionist behaviors, like over-correcting my handwriting on school assignments and filling in the bubbles perfectly on standardized tests. These were all huge time wasters and very inconvenient.

However, I am now a few years into college and I've noticed that while I still have the handwriting habit and some other issues with perfectionism, all of the other rituals just kind of faded away. Even though I was diagnosed with OCD ages ago, it feels wrong to say I have it now because it just isn't that much of an issue. Has anyone else had OCD early in their life and found that it just sort of went away?

Hi Stella!
some of my friends told me that I have this OCD. Back when I was in college, most of my gestures are so noticeable. When I have to check what time is it, I will first stretch my arm into lower slant direction then bend my arm to fully see my watch. They're always telling me that I'm like an attorney nor businessman when I'm doing that... But I guess its really normal, for me. And also, when using my phone, I make sure that the screen was clean. Same with you when making sure the both shoes faced the same direction when I wasn't wearing them....

I can't take them away 'cause it's really normal, for me... lol
Haha, when you spoke about rituals and superstitions, I thought about this: [][]​, which is of course completely different from what you mention. (If you think about it, there are people who struggle with very particular and painful OCD's, like HOCD and POCD; did you get a diagnose with a name for your type of OCD back then?) About what you mention, sure, I did take a lot of care of my handwriting and calligraphy, it was so tiresome! (You are a girl, right? Stella? So that makes it a lot more "normal" for you than me!) But then again, as Jam said, what is normal? We all are basically, so our little flaws are indeed a part of our Godly designs. :) Anyways, sorry for trying to resurrect an old thread; your mention of your handwriting cracked me up! Blessings to you, friend.

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