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Trigger Foods
I am just learning about this condition and almost always when IBS is discussed, trigger foods are mentioned.

As always, I decided to search to find out what some of these trigger foods were. My last reading referred to foods high in fiber especially insoluble fiber found in the skin of fruits and vegetables, carbonated drinks, food and drinks with chocolate, caffeine, fructose, or the sugar substitute sorbitol, large meals and food and drinks with diary especially lactose intolerance.

I can only imagine that triggers for one person might not be triggers for another. What has been your experience or the experience of someone you might know?

I am keenly interested in knowing more about this disease.
My triggers are any green vegetables and any type of grease or fast food. If only ear fast food I had to run to the bathroom before I even finish the meal. I no longer eat fast food because it. It is embarrassing to be at a restaurant and have that happen.
Sugars seem to be my trigger. I get a lot of mucus in my stool.
Greasy and processed foods are extremely bad for you gut. Foods such as raw vegetables, fermented foods, probiotics, and bone broth will help to repair the gut and help with irritable bowl syndrome. I like to follow Dr. Josh Axe for this issue. He has tons of great advice.

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