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Crohn[[sq]]s disease and IBS
Crohn's disease and IBS seem to be closely related. I have been reading up on the two disorders and still not sure what the major differences are. I get the impression that the symptoms are quite similar.

I would be happy if someone here who might be more familiar with the conditions could explain to me the symptoms as I have a close friend who suspects he might be developing the disorder.

He is undergoing the relevant test, but I just wanted to present it here in the hopes that someone could speak from a personal position.
I think that Crohn's is more severe than IBS by itself, but you can have IBS and Crohn's simultaneously.
My friend has Crohn's and it can get worse if it is not treated. IBS can occur from several factors, but Crohn's sufferers usually need constant medication if it advanced. My friend has had several operations already. Diet is a factor too here, but you shouldn't try to figure it out. Often IBS maybe Crohn's and there are different treatments.

It's very personal talking about your poop, so he is best speaking to a doctor who will ask the right questions.

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