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Alzheimers study
I recently read an article (was not sure if permitted to post the links here) that stated that geriatric and ob/gyn conditions are coming to light because of the extension of our life spans.

I had never considered this before. But in the last 100 years, the life span of people went from age 50- 75/80. Because of this, doctors are still catching up on medical conditions such as menopause, alzheimers and other conditions that result from age. When you think of the progress that has been made in those areas in such a sort time period, it is amazing.

I think I might have had greater respect for the medical field when dealing with my father's alzheimers if I had considered it as a relatively "new" field.

Pop suffered sundowners, hated the Aricept, and said he wasnt going to take any drugs that would prevent him from having his daily whisky. At least he went out with a sense of humor.
I've heard that people who are constantly doing all the same stuff over and over are at the higher risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Living in a robot mode has never been good for anyone's health.
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