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I[[sq]]ve had insomnia ever since I worked on a graveyard shift
I used to work at a telecommunications company and I was assigned to work in the night shift. This job got so tiring and stressful and I had to leave the company. However, I can no longer sleep normally now even though I stay at home just about every day. I can't sleep not until the clock hits 5 or 6am, and then my body would just automatically wake itself up at around 7 or 8am. And this cycle happens everyday. I hope I can find a cure for this.
It can take a while, but you can retrain your body especially with your eating habits. Shift work can pay well, but the long term damage to your health can take a while to get back to 'normal'. I used to work at an airport and sometimes start at 4am and other days I would finish at 11pm, my poor body didn't know what was going on. I used spent two the three days in the house just sleeping and resting and getting back to normal so not to nap in the day even if you wanted to.
You basically have to set your sleep habits back a certain way. Make sure you are sleeping in pitch darkness. Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature and free of noise. Set up a routine of relaxation an hour before you rest so that it can lull you into a sleep mode.
In time you'll be able to shift back into a normal sleeping habit. You can try slowly adjusting your sleep cycle at one hour everyday. So let's say you sleep at 6 AM, make it 7 AM, then 8 AM...and so on. Until you can already sleep at a normal night time schedule.
I suppose you think a lot about all those lying dead people. On a subconscious level, at least. In fact, you shouldn't do that. Deads are not the bast choice to thing about them all you time.
Working in such areas is kind of a tough job, I'd say. Sure, not everyone could do that. Only people with a strong psyche. Mentally stable, in other words.

Do you suffer from night terrors as well?
On the subconscious level, at least. In fact, you should do that. Deads are not the bast choice to thing about them whatever you time. [][]
you'll have the capacity to move once again into an ordinary dozing propensity. You can attempt gradually conforming your rest cycle at one hour ordinary. So suppose you rest at 6 AM, make it 7 AM, then 8 AM...and so on. Until you can as of now rest at an ordinary evening time plan.
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You fundamentally need to set your rest propensities back a specific way. Ensure you are resting in pitch haziness. Ensure the room is at an agreeable temperature and free of clamor. Set up a routine of unwinding a hour prior to you rest so it can quiet you into a rest mode.

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When we start to work by shifts we get our sleep patterns all messed up. I mean, if those shifts include the regular sleep hours. That is why those shifts are usually better paid because it's something that is not benefiting our health and in that case we do need to be rewarded at least financially.

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