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Preparing for cataract surgery
My father is waiting to have his cataracts removed and replaced, but he doesn't know what to expect and the best way to prepare. He has had mixed reviews about how long it will take for them to settle afterwards.

The literature says 4-6 weeks afterwards and other people have said they were driving the next day.

Any tips to help my father would be great.
I remember when my older brother had to have the surgery years ago. His recovery time was remarkable! He had recovered enough to drive within two weeks. The bonus for him was that he didn't have to wear his glasses anymore! He was so happy with the surgery. I hope your dad has a similar experience.
I went to my Optometrist today, and she told me I have cataracts in both eyes. I have noticed a rapid loss of vision in my right eye over the past couple of months, so I went to have it checked out. My doctor went ahead and scheduled me with a specialist, to arrange for surgery. She said it is a simple procedure, and I would only need a couple of days recovery time! I'm sure hoping she's right about that.
Alexia, has your father had his surgery yet? How did it go with him?
The surgery went okay, however he had a scratch on one eye when he went back for a check up. They then gave him some steroid and antibiotic eye drops to clear up the infection. Unfortunately he had a bad reaction to them and it triggered some other issues he had that he did not know about.

The key thing is to double check all medication afterwards, as my father is diabetic and was high risk. Anyhow, the reaction has led to him having to go to hospital for further treatment, but I do think my father's case is rare. It does highlight the risks though.

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