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Not Depressed when home
I am happiest when I am home alone. Leaving my house, working and trying to deal with other people is what seems to upset me. How do I get past this? I could live a perfectly happy life on my computer and watching television without all the added stress of everything else.

Right now I have not been to work in two months. I have to go back because I have no money whatsoever. i need help to get out of this, but I would much rather crawl into my bedroom and block out the world.
I know how you feel. I get that way sometime too but I force myself to get up and go to work each morning. I am not sure of what kind of job you have but with mine I don't have to deal with the public so that makes things a bit easier. I am pretty much by myself all day in my own room and nobody bothers me. The boss comes around and stresses me out sometimes but I do my best to keep it together. I have to work or I would be homeless. It is my only means of survival.

For me though I get more depressed when I am at home alone. I start to feeling lonely and I cry a lot. When I am out among people I hid all those emotions. Nobody has a clue how I am when I am not at work. I wear a mask for others to see. Nobody really knows the real me because I don't show it to people.

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