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Recognizing the seriousness of childbirth
I was stunned when a young person close to me told me he thought he might be a father based on news he received from someone he had slept with. He was not talking about having a child from someone he was in a relationship with.

The information left me quite troubled as he was not in my opinion an ideal candidate for parenthood being a "boy" himself.

It is my opinion that too many children are having children without recognizing the seriousness of childbirth and the associated risk.

What do you guys think?
This is very true. I remember one documentary about a young boy and girl, not even in high school, they were in elementary, that became parents. They had to live in the girl's parents' house and they seem to think it's all fun and games. They were even laughing while they were being interviewed. My goodness, they already have a child at such a young age and mind. How can they even properly guide the child when he grows up? Now, I watched that documentary years and years ago. I wonder what happened to them now.

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