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Some medical conditions related to Secondary insomnia
I have long wondered what causes insomnia and felt the need to do a little bit of reading to address some of my concerns.

I was surprise to learn that Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease are examples of neurological disorders that can in fact cause insomnia.

Other disorders or factors that may cause insomnia could include asthma, arthritis, heartburn,menopause and hot flashes just to mention a few. It was through my reading that I discovered there was secondary and primary insomnia. I will address primary insomnia in my next posting.

Thank you for such a helpful post. I never knew that those conditions have insomnia as their symptoms. It can be quite daunting to know the facts but at least now we're better informed about insomnia and its presence on those conditions. More so, if we have a history of these diseases and also have insomnia, we should be consulting a professional on what to do to avoid being ailed by these conditions.

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