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low-FODMAP Diet for IBS
Two years ago I began using a low-FODMAP diet for the treatment of my IBS and what the docs called "Crohn's like inflammation". It was on the recommendation of my gastroenterologist and I met with a nutritionist for about 6 months. The changes I have seen have been phenomenal. Initially I lost about 20 pounds, but the best effects were with normal and consistent movements. By using the low-FODMAP diet I was able to identify my food triggers which were causing problems. FODMAPS are short-chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed in the intestines, and identifying which ones I can tolerate and cannot went a long way to healing my gut. I thought I would offer up my experience than 2 years in I rarely have any episodes of diarrhea now as long as I eat my "safe foods" and have even been able to reintroduce some of my previous "no" foods such as onions with success. If you are using low-FODMAP I'd love to connect with you and share experiences.
Thank you very much for this bit of information. I have been trying to gather all the information I can in relation to IBS, Crohns and any other inflammatory disease. Until now I had never heard the word FODMAP .

I naturally searched online to see what I could find and now I have some more information that could possibly be useful to a friend and myself.

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