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Why do doctors seem to ignore the obvious?
I was diagnosed with high blood pressure a year ago. The doctor immediately prescribed medication that is really just a diuretic. Sh ealso made a few of the standar suggestions; exxercise 30 m inutes a day and take over the counter fish oil capsules to loer my triglycerides.

She never once mentioned stress.

I take the medication, haven't done so well with the fish oils, but I made another significant change that I think was probably an obvious remedy; I stopped working outside of the home as much.

I ran out of my meds for about a week. Low and behold my BP did not shoot back p to its non-medicated state, which I expected because a diuretic stops working as soon as you stop taking it.

Why do doctors ignore stress when confronted with high blood pressure?

Do you think they are worried that doing so would render most people with high blood pressure disabled?

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