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Injury related migraines
I do not suffer from migraines although I have experienced a few and each one was debilitating. My boyfriend was in a bad car accident about 7 years ago and suffers from migraines due to the wreck. Lately he has been having them almost every day. I fear something more is wrong and he should get checked out but he insists that it is normal for him. It starts in the upper part of his neck and moves to the front of his forehead. I can tell he is in a tremendous amount of pain. He is only 24 years old. How can I get him to the doctor?
I see that no one has responded to your post yet. How is your boyfriend and his headaches? Since he was in a wreck, he could be having more injuries showing or developing later even though it has been several years. If his body did not heal right or not at all, that could be the cause of the headaches. Would he be more willing to visit a chiropractor? I hope he is well.
He really does need to go to the physician for a better diagnosis. Maybe you can tell him that you're worried about his condition and you just want to have an accurate diagnosis. This way, he'd realise that worrying about him stresses you out and you care about him so much this way. This can enlighten him and make him more willing to go to the doctor. Since he was in a car accident, it's possible it had affected him more than you guys know.

A proper x-ray and some tests can tell you exactly what's going on. But you need to go to the hospital for a thorough check-up. There are treatments and medications that he might need to take to ease his pain. He doesn't have to live in pain, if he goes through the doctor, everything will be clearer.

I hope this helps and keep us posted on his progress!
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