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Does this sound like OA?
I suspect that this may be the issue that I am having intermittently with my right knee, but I am here for a second opinion.

My right knee at the moment feels fine, has a full range of motion and I wouldn't know anything was wrong with it. Some days, however (maybe 30% of the time) there is an unnatural stiffness in it. It seems a little weak going down stairs and, while it doesn't exactly hurt, it is very noticeable while walking. I would describe it as dull inflammation and throbbing more than a sharp pain.

When I was younger I skied a lot of moguls so knee problems are not unexpected. In fact, my knees have held out longer than many that I skied with. I currently do a lot of cycling but avoid jogging and other higher impact activities.

I am nearing 50 years of age as that is probably helpful in forming an opinion.

What's the latest with your knee? Has your condition been diagnosed? Hopefully it's not worse.

Reason I asked is that I am very active as well and did have some issues a while back with the knee which I have managed to fix. I think the natural tendency when joint problems arise is to gradually, without realizing, to lower the level of activities and change the types of activities to less intensity and less demanding which can feed the dysfunctions. This trend, can eventually lead to activities which make other aches and pains appear, especially if the doctors are not able to find anything specifically wrong other than describe the symptom/condition "the joints are inflamed" or "It's OA".

Is the cycling starting to have an impact on your back? I know guys who have lowered their activities, from very active, to be only swimming because of the pains. Do not go gently into that good night. It can be fixed!

Past injuries if untreated will cause major hurdles or major issues as it can be lead to cartilage damage or bone tissue inflammation. In my suggestion you must consult with physiotherapist and get some tips on exercise.

I have had knee issues for years now. I have been told in the past that I have some sort of arthritis having had pelvic pains and back pains for a very long time . I pretty much assumed that the knee pain is associated with arthritis. I have brought it up with my doctor from time to time and he agree it's arthritis. Whenever I try to exercise it's quite painful but I am told I should continue nonetheless.

In the case of the original poster it does sound like OA but until it's confirmed by the doctor it's really a guessing game. I usually consult with my doctor for a second opinion and if I am still in doubt I consult still another doctor.
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